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In the Eyes of the Beholder

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Book Reviews

A beautiful combination of art and the written word!


I received this book as a gift last Christmas and immediately turned each page admiring the beautiful artwork. It wasn’t until after the tree and all the decorations had been put away that I found the time, on a snowy Sunday afternoon, to curl up with a cup of coffee and begin to read the essays that had been inspired by the artwork. I had planned on reading the book from cover to cover but I was so intrigued by the unique interpretations of each writer that I forced myself to slow down and really appreciate each story. This beautiful book now sits on my coffee table so that guests to my home can also enjoy it!

~ Gina R.

 A unique love letter to the arts

A treasure of magnificently illustrated artwork by the author along with 30 beautifully written stories about the artwork. I love that each piece of artwork had 2 separate original stories written “in the eyes of the beholder” along with one written by the author. Beautiful book to keep handy and to share.

~ Herrod's

Thought Provoking

I normally don’t write reviews but this book touched me. The individual stories and accompanying pictures brought up many pleasant and painful memories from the past.
A joy to read!

~ Kenneth K.

A treat for art and short story lovers.

A perfect combination of beautiful artwork and interpretative stories that you can curl up with!

~ Laura J.

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