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My Garden Sanctuary

"All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar."

-- Helen Hayes

Every year I look forward to Spring and to nature for spiritual renewal and artistic inspiration. After the quiet solitude of Winter with the snow and ice covering the earth in frozen blankets, the first buds flowering on my perennials, the grass returning to its verdant green, the birds sweetly chirping God’s praises; my spirit is lifted and my body is energized. I find that the repeated changes of the seasons deliver a sense of calm and hope that better things are on the horizon. Just as night turns into morning and winter melts into spring, there is an infinitely healing property in these recurring refrains of nature. As I begin to get my gardens ready, from spring turning into summer, and to many opportunities to share my gardens and yard with family and friends, I am compelled to give thanks for the worldwide return to light, health, and normalcy after this prolonged era of darkness. So, if you are looking for me, you will find me ankle deep in water and new soil, knee-deep in mulch, elbow deep in fertilizer, totally surrounded by hoes, garden shears, and spades, and enveloped in the sweet fragrance of new flowers and shrubs. Just come on into my yard, make yourself at home, inhale the beauty of nature and renew your spirit and praise the glory of God’s bounty.

This renewal usually begins with the cleaning and opening of my fish pond. That corner of my yard is dedicated to my father whose name was Angel and my mother Hilda in gratitude and love for all of the things they taught me, especially the paramount importance of love and respect for nature and all living things. The area is dotted with angel statuary. These silent sentinels watch over all of the beauty contained in that small space. I know that my parent's spirits reside in that wonderfully peaceful place. I feel their presence as I sit in meditation on the stone bench my son installed for me, listening to the gentle splashing of the waterfall. At times, my mind is suddenly jolted back from my reveries as a flash of bright orange streaks by or jumps joyfully through the sparkling water and it is at those times when I can hear my parents whispering in my ear “Ten fe, todo saldrá bien”. (Have faith, everything will turn out fine).

Just as I believe in the renewal of nature’s bounty, I need to reassure myself that personal, physical, and emotional healing is also possible. My garden helps me heal. My garden helps me grow. My garden brings me peace and joy. My garden renews my faith that everything will eventually turn out well according to God’s greater plan for my life.

Please feel free to come and share in the beauty of my garden and soak up the healing properties of my little slice of nature.

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